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Our Company

Dvelopd, LLP is a startup which provides a variety of modern technology; mobile applications, products and digital service solutions to businesses and organizations. We utilize current digital platforms and ecosystems.  Our solutions allow clients to interact and reach their customers in a competitive market using innovative modern technology.

Meeting the modern, technological needs of our clients in a rapidly changing environment is our passion.  There is no challenge too big or small for us.  Let the team at Dvelopd take your idea and turn it into a reality.

Become modern, get dvelopd!

Our Products & Services


Designing innovative, modern solutions for a variety of businesses.  


We pride ourselves on collaborating closely with our clients in developing a customized solution; creating a customer-centric environment to share ideas and build an innovative solution.  We also offer configurable and standardized solutions that provides businesses and organizations with an interactive way to offer discounts to customers (Disco - Discover Discounts), and our best-selling loyalty reward systems. 

We are constantly working on new and innovative solutions.  


Our Retro-spective mobile app takes users to locations utilizing an interactive map.  Unlock a location to experience its history with the use of augmented reality technology. 

It's history like you've never experienced it before.  

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custom DESIGN

Providing a variety of modern technology solutions to build your ideal mobile app, digital service or product. 

Have an idea? 

Let Dvelopd work for you.

Mobile APPS

Our mobile app business solutions improve interaction and increase customer reach utilizing unique ways to offer discounts, loyalty and so much more.


Showcase a variety of items on our digital display boards including menus,  advertisements and events.  Easily provide a unique visual presentation.


Offering an array of business consultation services.  Contact us to learn more about our information technology, process improvement or safety solutions.


We'd love to hear from you


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